JEEConf, Kiev, Ukraine

This year I had the honor of speaking at JEEConf; one of the most important Java conferences in Europe hosted in the heart of Ukraine. The conference held two days full of content related to Java and related technologies.

I was really impressed with the number of smart people that I could shake hands and meet at the conference. One of the sessions that I presented there was Tips & Tricks about Apache Kafka in the Cloud for Java Developers, that aimed to show some of the details that developers building Java applications for Apache Kafka should know before venturing themselves in moving their workloads to Cloud.

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Moving from Oracle to Confluent: The Why

I know right? Sounds like I should have spoken about this much sooner, but I decided to wait a bit so I could be sure of my words. In this post, I will detail a few my motivations that had me leaving Oracle — something that let people curious — as well as detail how has been my life after the move.

I will start off by explaining why I joined Oracle in the first place. Until 2011, I was heavily working with Engineering, mostly with projects related to SOA, Integration, CEP, and Messaging. Though I had worked with technologies from several vendors — I have been always a huge fan of BEA Systems.

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LinkedIn and the Nightmare of Connection Requests

Is this just me or LinkedIn became this annoying social network where recruiters and people you never worked with keep poking you for new connections?

Like other professional social networks, LinkedIn was designed to connect people around the globe and empower them with the ability to get jobs, hire talents and be the backbone for professional communication. However, that concept has been exploited because there are people that leverage this concept for their own benefits.

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#1 Apache Kafka Meetup in São Paulo/Brazil

During the week of Dec 2th I had the pleasure of visiting São Paulo/Brazil, a place that I once called home. It has been almost 5 years that I left that city to live abroad — and every time I go there its inevitable not to miss certain things.

I went down there to participate of the Google Cloud Summit event, and make sure that developers using GCP would be aware of Confluent’s Apache Kafka as a service know as Confluent Cloud. It was amazing to share this information with them, since most of them was working (or planning to work) with huge amounts of data in the Cloud and Kafka is certainly the right way to do it.

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Confluent Cloud Tools is Alive

It gives me great pleasure to announce that Confluent Cloud Tools is officially released as a Confluent’s repository. The link to this repository is:

In a nutshell, the aim of this project is to allow developers to unfold the true agility that Confluent Cloud can provide –allowing them to focus on writing code instead of wasting time with manual and tedious configuration steps.

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